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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] callout problems

> One more parameter:  use.extensions=1

Thanx alot.

I had to do one more thing though. I had to include the 
"extensions/xalan25.jar" in my classpath. Found it nicely documented in the 
offical docs :-)

> You'll probably also want to remove that first line feed in
> your programlisting, because line 1 is blank otherwise.

Yeah, I see your point now that it works. But, is there not another better 
tagging for this? I find it irritating that I have to do de-indent my program 
in programlisting all to the left, to avoid all the spaces. Guess it is a 
result of it being a verbatim environment, but maybe you knew of a better 

If I am to avoid the newline, it becomes even more ugly:

                 <programlisting>$ foo
$ bar
$ bleech
$ oink</programlisting>


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