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Subject: writing-mode in docbook-xsl fo stylesheets

I am interested in producing fo documents in rl-tb (such as arabic and
hebrew), and would like to leverage as much of the existing docbook xsl
fo templates as possible.

Support for control of language related writing modes does not seem to
be available from the fo stylesheets (i.e. specify a
writing-mode="rl-tb" for arabic pages.)  Was this a conscious design
decision, or a feature that is planned in the future?

I have been poring over the mailing lists archives, xsl faqs, etc, and
have found very little documentation addressing writing modes.  Any
directions on where to look, or specific examples of customizations to
produce documents with different than English writing-modes would be
greatly appreciated. 

Joshua Reynolds <jreynolds@innodata-isogen.com>

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