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Subject: Re: Linking to "Home" in Website TOC

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@dod.no>:

> Platform: Intel PII, debian sarge (testing/unstable),
> 	  docbook-website 2.4.0-6

> I'm trying to create a link for "Home" in the TOC.

The next thing I tried, was to create a dummy Website page, called
go_home.xml, with the id "go_home", and create the following toc
  <toc page="main.xml" filename="index.html">
    <tocentry page="go_home.xml" filename="index.html">

This worked after a fashion, but the page shown was the dummy page.
So what I finally did, was to create a dummy page to put in the
<toc>.  This also solved my other problem of the main page being, and
had the nice side effect of not being a link when the home page is

So now it works the way I wanted it to work. :-)

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