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Subject: dsssl custom page numbers; cant get font upright

hi. apologies if this question has already been answered, but i have
looked hard and cant seem to find help.

i am using docbook sgml/openjade on macos 10.3.2 to generate an rtf; all
docbook utilities are installed with fink: openjade 1.3.2, docbook-dtd
4.2.0, docbook-dssl-nwalsh 1.77. everything works fine.

i need my page numbers to be centered, and i would like them to be 
and _not_ italicized, which seems to be the default. i have turned off
page numbers on the first page.

the important part of my dsl file is below. what is strange is that
changes to the font size work right, changes to the font family work
right; but no matter what i do, the page number is still italicized.
any help is much appreciated.

(define ($custom-footer-center$)
      (make sequence
         font-family-name: "Garamond"
         font-size: 9pt
         font-posture: 'upright

(define (first-page-inner-footer gi)
(define (first-page-center-footer gi)
(define (first-page-outer-footer gi)

(define (page-inner-footer gi)
(define (page-center-footer gi)
(define (page-outer-footer gi)

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