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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Making a book using docbook


What editing app are you using? Can you use GNU Emacs? There's a very
good XML editing mode for GNU Emacs, nXML mode, that's driven by Relax
NG schemas and doesn't require you to have a doctype declaration in any
of your files at all.

jerome moliere <jmoliere@nerim.net> writes:

> Hi all Docbook gurus (newbies too :) )
> I'm about writing a second book & I can't bear word anymore, so
> I suggested to my editor to get a docbook XSLT based sheet...
> I've got it..So now, I must use Docbook!!!
> Like with big documents in LaTeX I guess that it's easier to have small 
> files one with its
> proper aim...
> So I looked into the CVS for the docbook manual , I saw exteensive usage 
> of entities & a lot of
> files with small sementaic (index,bibligraphy, glossary..)
> That's quite what I want but I'd like to be able to have each file 
> declare its DTD because
> I could be able to use the completion features of my editor...
> So any idea welcomed, URL or small example appreciated
> Thanks
> Jerome

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