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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Different olink dbs for XHTML, HTML and FO?

At 10:09 23/03/2004, Jirka Kosek wrote:

>>What about file links in PDF? They are designed for local links
>>in the file system. It is a separate mechanism from one for weblinks.
>>XEP, for example, generates file links for protocol file:.
>Interesting, I was unaware of this mechanism. It is possible to create 
>relative links (without hardwired path) this way? What is the syntax? 
>Something like
>which is probably not correct URL?

If I'm right, its file:///dir/dir/file.pdf


>Is there any way to make relative links works both on local filesystem and 
>when server from web server?

<grin/> Thats greedy, Jirka. I don't think it will work for both...
Unless the file is 'relative' to the server root, but I'm not
sure how that works?
Anyone else?

regards DaveP

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