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Subject: AW: [docbook-apps] ensure a minimal amount of words / table rows on a page

>For paragraphs, you should be able to add "widows" and "orphans" attributes
>to the root.properties attribute-set.  

exactly what i needed, works fine, thx. 

>I thought the stylesheet already set those, but apparently not. You set those attributes to some integer, the number of lines to be kept together.

ive just downloaded the latestest version 1.65.1 (im working with 1.62) - param.xsl doesnt contain any attribute-sets using orphans or widows.

>For table elements, the default behavior is
>keep-together.within-column="always" because the formal.object.properties
>attribute-set is applied to tables.  
>Regarding the full-page table that jumps to the next page instead of
>following the section heading, I think perhaps the table plus its
>space-before doesn't actually fit, or else it would be on the same page.

i was able to fix the problem by setting all keeps in the table block to integers.

but isnt there something similar for table-rows like orphans/widows for text?
without that my only idea would be to add keep-togethers to the last 2 and first 2 rows in a table.
but thatll be rather complicated ... 


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