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Subject: Using absolute path with %output-dir% in Windows

Hi all,

I'm using OpenJade, Docbook 4.3 and DSSSL stylsheets
version 1.78 on Windows 2000 machine.

I'm trying to create HTML output and actually the output
is just fine. The problem is that I cannot find out the
way how to give an absolute path name for the %output-dir%
parameter in Windows.

I need the absolute path, since I'm using Ant build tool
to automatically create the docbook HTML output and it
is much easier to work with Ant when using absolute paths.

When I give relative path like "../../docs/html" it works
just fine, but if I try to give something like
"e:\docs\html", "e:/docs/html/" or "/e/docs/html" it will
just create the output to the directory from which I run

Has anyone succeeded using absolute paths in this case?

Or is there any other way I could set the output directory
for my HTML output? (It's too bad that '-o' option is apparently
somehow ignored when creating HTML output..)


Jouni Hartikainen

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