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Subject: Re[4]: [docbook-apps] Re: Bug #849312 shade.verbatim not working in programlistingco

||*()*||    [\..konnichi wa, ogenki desu ka, Carlos../]

CA> Just one question:

CA> Why not add the stylesheet as an external link and work on the css styles
CA> independent than the XSLT style sheets?

CA> I use this variable in my  customization layer.

CA> <xsl:variable name="html.stylesheet">generic-style.css</xsl:variable>

Well, it is good when you already have this stylesheet in your output
directory. Otherwise you will have to copy it there somehow.

Sometimes it is preferrable that default.css stylesheet is always present
in output (inline, if it is a big html). If it so, then you only need to
add your custom style later by html.stylesheet param. If DocBook XSL
stylesheets are going to follow XHTML+CSS scheme it may include additional
css.xsl file in /xsl/html.

CA> Perhaps it could be made a part of the stock style sheet distribution?

CA> Another thing to keep in mind is that it has to be generic enough so people
CA> don't feel overwhelmed having to make changes to it (CSS stylesheet)

Then what will be default method to copy these CSS stylesheets into output

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                   //technically yours, techtonik

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