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Subject: Removing Citiation of Figure from TOC


Actually I wanted to credit the figures I used in my document and my
code looks somehting like this.

   <title id="REVW-FIG-21">Some Snapshot.
     <citation><xref linkend="BIB-dks"/></citation>
       <imagedata align="center" fileref="figures/some_snapshot.jpg"

The reason I used <citation> inside the <title> is that the attribute
"srccredit" in <imageobject> doesn't produce anything in my PDF output
through "Saxon" -> "FOP".

Now my oputput in figure's title is OK (that's what I wanted) like
Figure# Some Snapshot. [dks. 2000]

But my List of Figures have also citation in the figure titles (but not
inside brackets). something like:
List of Figures
# Some Snapshot. dks.2000 .....................page#

1) Are there different approaches to do the same thing?
2) If not how can I remove the citation from List of Figures but be
displayed in the Figures?
3) If this cannot be achieved, How can I put the the citation inside
square brackets in List of Figures like other citation (which appears in
side brackets in the document text)?

Thanks in advance.

Deepak K. Shrestha

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