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Subject: Customisation layer


I've pretty much finished my customisation layer, and it's looking
pretty good. I have a couple of questions:

1) I'm noticing very strange characters in the output.


All of the Figure titles have funny A's, the degree symbols are
prefixed too. Does anyone know what could cause this?

2) Is it possible to prefix all paths provided by "fileref"
attributes? Ie. If I had <graphic fileref="foo">, I'd like to build
with "bar/foo". Is there a parameter for this? Could one be added? I'd
rather not pull the entire make.graphic template out into my
customisation layer, it's huge.

3) Why is <email> transformed into <code class="email">! This doesn't
make sense.

4) How do I turn off generation of named ids?

I'm happy for sections with an ID element to be given a named anchor -
not that they need to, wouldn't it make more sense just to assign the
ID to the actual element, it works the same

But, some things in my document have an ID generated, like the <h1>
element. I don't see a purpose for this, is there a parameter I can
use to disable it?

5) I've been hunting around, but I'm unable to find a way to
automagically scale all images to a maximum width. Is there a
parameter for this in the docbook xsl?

Thanks very much in advance, sorry for the barrage of questions.

Kind Regards,

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