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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Windows and XSL stylesheets

Edward Diener <eddielee@tropicsoft.com> writes:

> The Docbook XSL stylesheet distribution only has an installation for
> Unix/Linux systems using a bash shell script. Is there a way to install this
> on Windows systems ?

The INSTALL script is something I personally added to tthe distro
just as a convenience for people using XML catalogs but who aren't
installing using their OS distro's package management system.

You're not required to run it. I won't be creating a corresponding
batch script for Windows because I know nothing about creating
Windows batch scripts.

Anyway, the preferred way to install the DocBook XSL stylesheets
is through your OS distro's package management system, because
they are packaged for every major OS distro. That includes the
Cygwin environment for Windows. One of the developers from the
DocBook project, Marcel Telka, maintains that package.

So if you are running Windows, install Cygwin, then install the
Cygwin docbook-xsl package. If you do that, you won't need to run
the INSTALL script. Marcel's package includes a postinstll script
that automatically runs and does the same thing for you.


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