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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How to Remove Header and Footer from rtf output (pls help)

Thank you very much for your response.
Actually I dont want to do it manually. I would like to see my generated rtf file should not contain any header or footer (even empty). Becasue I have a plan to add the generated content in a seperate rtf file that will contain my actual header and footer (with some complex field text - inside header and footer ) so that my generated content will get automatically the header and footer from that seperated rtf file.
But now the problem is if I have empty header and footer in my generated docbook rtf then it could not inheritated the header and footer from seperated rtf file. And in order to remove the header and footer manually is a lot of work (just consider my document is 100 pages then I have to remove 100 times these header and footer rtf string!).
So this is the problem with empty header and footer. (Is there any way to stop generating header and footer like Title page) If some one suggests me how can I stop generating the header and footer from xml to rtf convertion I will be really glad for that.
Thanks again...
Many greetings,

Christian Roth <roth@infinity-loop.de> wrote:

if you want to do it manually in the resulting RTF output file:

>Could any one suggest me how to remove header and footer from a rtf
>output file?

You need to remove the following RTF destinations from the file, i.e.
everything from the first opening left brace immediately before the
respective keyword until the corresponding closing right brace:

{\header ... }
{\headerl ... }
{\headerr ... }
{\headerf ... }

{\foorer ... }
{\footerl ... }
{\footerr ... }
{\footerf ... }

>I tried my best to do it myself but I am stuck with it. What
>ever I change it will generate a empty header and footer.

Word will probably generate empty headers/footers as soon as you go into
header/footer editing mode.

What's the problem if the header/footer is empty? Is the result actually
empty (i.e. something like "{\header }") or does it contain an empty
paragraph, which would be something like "{\header ... \par}"? If it's
the first, I don't think it will hurt you in any way since it should not
generate additional spacing. Also, note that you can control spacings in
RTF for headers and footers using the \headery and \footery control symbols.

Best regards
Christian Roth

Christian Roth (CTO)
Phone: +49 89 890432-95
Web : http://www.infinity-loop.de
infinity-loop GmbH * Neideckstr. 25 * 81249 München * Germany

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