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Subject: Mac tester desired for vex.sourceforge.net -- Visual Editor for XML

If you are a Mac user and you would be willing to run some tests
for Visual Editor for XML, please get in touch with me or 
take a lurk around the project at http://vex.sourceforge.net/

A new version of Vex will be released in a few days and it would
be nice if we had someone with a Mac who would be willing to
do some testing for us. Testing is currently limited to
Linux and Windows XP. 

Vex is being developed on SourceForge and runs as an Eclipse

The next release will be a maintenance release which includes
numerous bug fixes, performance improvements, correction of a
scrolling problem and new Outlook views for DocBook and XHTML.

This program is shaping up nicely and could use some more eyes
and wetware.

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