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Subject: Vex 1.1.1 released (XML WYSIWYG plugin for Eclipse)

John Krasnay has released Vex 1.1.1, a maintenance release 
which corrects a number of known issues in the User Interface
and organization of the workspace.

Vex is a Visual Editor for XML implemented as a plug-in for
Eclipse platform. Vex is licensed under LGPL.

Vex is available from SourceForge: http://vex.sourceforge.net/.

Last week I posted a message on this list asking for help 
testing Vex on the Mac. I have had a couple of responses and
testing is proceeding with some success. 

Vex can be run on the Mac from within the Eclipse IDE but is 
not yet packaged to run as a 'Branded' (stand-alone) app. 

Vex can be downloaded from Sourceforge and installed on Linux and
Windows. Existing Vex installations can be upgraded using:  
'Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install'.

This morning I upgraded a Vex 1.0.0 installation to 1.1.1. The
Upgrade Wizard upgraded the installation to use Eclipse 3.0.1
as well as replacing components of Vex.

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