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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Keeping elements together

Jirka Kosek wrote:

> Zbyszek Cybulski wrote:
>> I'm thinking of switching to DocBook from MS stuff for my technical 
>> documentation. This is one of the fundamental questions: what XSL-FO 
>> processor do I use? I am evaluating XML Mind XML Editor, they have 
>> XFC (converter) bundled with the professional edition of their 
>> editor. Is it as good as products you mentioned, Jirka?
>> I don't want to go for a toolchain one can build from pieces, I'd opt 
>> for an integrated solution (money isn't the issue).  I want to have a 
>> professional quality output, PDF and (X)HTML.
> XFC is not able to generate PDF output format. It can generate RTF or 
> WordML. So if you want to get PDF you must use some other FO 
> processor. My favorite is XEP, but XSL Formatter is comparable in all 
> aspects. There are also other FO processors on the marked but XEP and 
> XSL Formatter are two that have special support in stylesheets -- you 
> will get metadata in your PDFs, indexes with merged pageranges, 
> bookmarks, etc.
>                     Jirka
Well, it's not the case since they provide the XSL Utility which is able 
to generate HTML, RTF, and PDF. So, there must be something underneath. 
I don't know what it is and have no time to investigate but it worked. 
My question is: Does this toolset generate professional quality output? 
Is it worth investing money?
Any help appreciated.


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