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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Keeping elements together

Jirka Kosek wrote:

> Zbyszek Cybulski wrote:
>> Well, it's not the case since they provide the XSL Utility which is 
>> able to generate HTML, RTF, and PDF. So, there must be something 
>> underneath. I don't know what it is and have no time to investigate 
>> but it worked. My question is: Does this toolset generate 
>> professional quality output? Is it worth investing money?
> From XSL Utility page:
> XSL Utility is a graphical tool that was designed to make evaluation 
> of XFC easier. It can be used to convert XML documents to RTF, WML and 
> other formats such as PostScript and PDF. (For output formats other 
> than RTF and WML, XSL Utility relies on Open Source components.) XSL 
> Utility includes:
> Norman Walsh's XSL stylesheets for DocBook, Simplified DocBook and Slides
> Michael Kay's Saxon XSLT engine
> Apache FOP FO processor
> So it means that XSL Utility is a just wrapper for FOP FO processor if 
> you are inetersted in PDF output. Unfortunately outupt from FOP can't 
> be considered as of professional quality (OK it depends on your 
> definition of professional quality, but in my definition FOP isn't 
> here yet).
>                 Jirka
Ok, thanks, now you can blame on me for not reading the statements.
So, the conclusion is:
forget about the XXE/XFC, invest money in XEP or XSL-Formatter.


I've heard about the Cafe solo suite as an integrated toolchain. 
However, I haven't seen it in action or evaluated it, neither. Any 
suggestions are highly appreciated (Vex I already know).


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