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Subject: Highlighting Hyperlinks in a PDF

All -

I have several documents I am maintaining in the following environment.

Fedora Core 3
DocBook 1.3
Open Jade

I use the script docbook2pdf to create the PDFs and I supplement the 
default print stylesheet in order to enhance the output for 2-sided 
printing, etc.

My problem is that this method does not surround hyperlinks in the PDF 
with a blue box the way other PDFs I have seen. In fact, there is no way 
to tell that something is a hyperlink without moving the cursor over it. 
It makes it very hard to locate a hyperlink when it is not highlighted in 
some manner.

Is there a way to highlight hyperlinks using this PDF creation 

W. David Ashley
IBM Linux Technology Center
Open Object Rexx Team
Home Office: 512-246-9106
Mobile Phone: 512-289-7506
IBM Phone: 512-838-0609 T/L 678-0609
Intranet: David Ashley/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
Internet: dashley@us.ibm.com
Alternate Internet: dashley@holmes4.com

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