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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] anchors give strange effect with CSS

Rene Hache wrote:
>> That is because you are not using XHTML. For the HTML output, are
>> you sure the style sheet has HTML as output method and that the
>> XSLT processor supports that?
> -No, I am sure that I am using the XHTML stylesheets. As for my XSLT
> processor, I use Saxon 6.5.2 (if this is what you mean by processor).

Ah, you are using the XHTML stylesheets. That might explain it.

>> (You are using XHTML with a MIME type of text/html which basically
>> makes it invalid HTML for parsers.)
> -How do I verify this? I do not not know what this means and how to
> verify for it.

Open up a generated page in, for example, Firefox and check the headers. 
Right-click, "View Page Info" and then checking the bit after "Type:" 
will also do the trick.

If it is text/html you should use really be using HTML stylesheets. And 
I do not think it is something else.

  Anne van Kesteren

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