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Subject: DB Website and Multiple TOC's

I have attempted to implement multiple toc's in my layout.xml file. Here's 
what i've got:

<layout.xml snip>
<toc page="website.xml" filename="index.html">
   <tocentry page="about/index.xml" dir="about" filename="index.html">
<toc page="xml/index.xml" dir="xml" filename="index.html">
</layout.xml snip>

I understand that both toc's are supposed to be separate navigational 
hierarchies. Meaning that the secondary navigation is only presented when 
navigating from the primary hierarchy to the secondary hierarchy.

and a separate


But upon navigating to my secondary toc, I still am presented with the primary 
toc's navigational hierarchy. I am using a custom stylesheet that references 
toc-tabular.xsl for the toc generation. Did I miss something; or has it just 
not been implemented yet?


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