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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Problem with sgml document processed with openjade

Michèle Garoche wrote:

> 1 - I wanted the first page recto mode with authorgroup at the right end 
> and with a reduced top margin, title in huge font centered at the bottom 
> of the page, subtitle with a smaller font italic centered below the 
> title. So far, it works but I cannot find a way to reduce the top margin 
> before the authorgroup about half of its current height. Is there a way 
> to customize this margin? The current customization for this part is as 
> follows:

As there is no space-before characteristic set in rule for authorgroup 
you must reduce space-after on element which is preceding authorgroup 
(probably subtitle) or you can try to specify negative space-before:

>     (element authorgroup
>         (make display-group
		space-before: -2cm
>         (process-children)))


> 2 - For the title page verso mode I wanted to get the title and subtitle 
> on the same line centered on top. I did not succeed in doing so, just to 
> get them on different lines. Is there a way to get them on the same 
> line, when the fonts are different? Customization is as follows:

You must process subtitle in the rule for title in order to get them 
into the same paragraph. You use multiple sequences to specify different 
formatting for title/subtitle.

> ;; Redefine style for titlepage verso mode elements
> (mode book-titlepage-verso-mode
>     ;; title center with higher font than normal title font
>     (element title
>         (make paragraph
>             quadding: %division-title-quadding%
>             (literal "\no-break-space;")
>             (make sequence
>             font-family-name: %title-font-family%
>             font-size: (HSIZE 1)
>             font-weight: 'bold
>         (with-mode title-mode
>             (process-children)))))

try replacing last line with something like:

  (make sequence
    font-size: 12pt
    font-weight: 'bold
    (process-node-list (select-elements (follow (current-node)) 
(normalize "subtitle"))

> PS. : I must admit that my knowledge of docbook stylesheets and scheme 
> language is near zero level.

Yep, it is hard to do something in DSSSL these days when I forgot almost 
everything about this beautiful and nasty language in favor of XSL. :-)

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