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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] How To Build A Multi-lingual Website With Website

Oliver Boris Fischer wrote:

I someone is here, how knows how to set up a multi-lingual website with help of Website DTD?

I have to create a website in german and in russian.
Both versions will have the same structure.
The user should be able to switch between the languages or at least to choose his version.
Important to me is, that also the menu is either in russian or in german.

Can someone help me?


Oliver Fischer

You may take a look at Silkpage (http://silkpage.markupware.com/).

Personally I followed a different (and convoluted) route, but I don't know if it will be what you want.
If you wish I may send to you some files.

Briefly, the idea is to have an initial page that scans the Accept-Language HTTP header and redirect the user to the italian or english version of the website depending on the language preferences of her browser. Every page is written using the lang attribute.
When I process the pages they are processed two times: the first I profile the pages for a certain language (italian or english) and the second I do the "normal" docbook website processing.
The process is driven by an Ant script which calls xsltproc.
The script performs some auxiliary tasks, too, like copying graphical files, copying CSS files, uploading files via FTP.

Eng. Roberto Gianassi

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