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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] reprinting the toc -a website hack

Doug du Boulay <ddb@owari.msl.titech.ac.jp> writes:

> I have customized the DocBook-xsl-1.66.0 html stylesheets to include
> support for website within chunk.xsl
> Basically, you can add a docbook book/part/article to your tabular
> website and have the website table of contents cascade down through
> all the chunked chapters/sections etc.
> It can work for a stand alone document, but it needs work to cater
> for the document root/home node. 
> If you would like to experiment, let me know because I have nowhere to put 
> it and I suspect it is not a nice snug fit with the current and future
> stylesheet distributions.

We have a "contrib" area in the DocBook project CVS.


If you want to send me your stylesheet , I can check it in there.

An sample doc instance might be good too. See the "resume"
directory for an example structure -


Same offer for anybody else who has done custom work that you
might want to share with others. I would be happy to add it to
that contrib area. When the project was first set up at
Sourceforge, that was part of the original plan, and the reason
for the name DocBook Open Repository. Just been lazy about
encouraging people to contribute.

The olink and manpages stylesheets both began life in the contrib
area before graduating the the standard distro. So it's always
possible that other things added to contrib could eventually end
up getting merged up into the standard kit.


Michael Smith
http://logopoeia.com/  http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/au/890


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