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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Discard leading/trailing whitespace in <title>elements?

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, Sean Wheller wrote:

>  Why do people try to
> format XML in blocks such as
> <para>
> Some text here.
> </para>

The simple answer here is because some publishers/editors like to receive 
scripts in which the markup is _always_ physically separate from the text.
Depends on the house-style.  And/or the editor concerned.

> 2. IMHO, It makes reading the XML and content harder.

You can train your mind/eye-scan faculties to read either without 
difficulty.  It's purely a question of habit.
(This is actually true.  Try it sometime.)

> 3. It is hard to keep the formatting of the XML indent consistant.

Some publishers/editors insist on NO indent before text -- particularly 
where markup is kept entirely separate from text.
Again -- depends on the instructions to authors.

> Why not just use <para>Some text here.</para>?

Probably for the same reason that you don't use:
<para>Some text here.</para><para>Some more text here.</para><para>Yet 
more text here.</para><para>Still further text here.</para>

Not all paragraph text is the same length.  A presentation style which 
evolves for long paras looks out of place where the paragraphs are only 
three or four words long; and vice-versa.
But editors like consistency.

The bottom line is: it's anal retentives vs. natural chaotics  :)
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