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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Collecting glossentries in glossary database

Using text content of glossterms, one drawback comes into my mind: the 
existing mechansim cannot deal with 2 acronyms spelled in the same way, 
but meaning different things. This may exactly happen in the aviation 
licensing domain; you have international and national acronyms that 

If I split national and international glossterms in different glossdivs, 
I cannot even be sure, that linking gets me to the right page.

Just a thought...

> ...<glossterm linkend="glo-jar">JAR</glossterm>...
> I'm asking myself why the stylesheets are only relying on the text 
> node content of glossterm and firstterm (or the |baseform| attribute), 
> and why the stylesheet will not collect the glossary entries by using 
> the linkend attribute (wouldn't this be safer anyway)? Is there a 
> special reason for this?

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