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Subject: <part> "label" attribute handling

I have a question about how the DocBook XSL stylesheets handle the "label"
attribute for <part> elements.

The O'Reilly DocBook book says this about the label attribute:

 Label specifies an identifying string for presentation purposes. The first
 Part in a Book might be labeled "Part I", for example.

 Generally, an explicit Label attribute is used only if the processing
 is incapable of generating the label automatically. If present, the Label
 normative; it will used even if the processing system is capable of

Okay, suppose I write a document with these <part> elements:

<part label="Part I">
<part label="Part II">
<part label="Part III">
<part label="Part IV">

If I generate HTML, the TOC lines for the parts in the HTML document say
"Part I", "Part II", "Part III", and "Part IV".

Similarly, if I generate PDF (using FOP), the TOC lines say
"Part I", "Part II", "Part III", and "Part IV".  However, the PDF
document also has a bookmarks list, and the bookmark lines for the parts say
"Part Part I", "Part Part II", "Part Part III", and "Part Part IV".  Also,
the pages generated within the document that begin each part say
"Part Part I", "Part Part II", "Part Part III", and "Part Part IV".

It appears to me that the PDF stylesheets are adding text inconsistently.
(Adding "Part" in the bookmarks and in the part pages within the document,
but not in the TOC.) I believe this is a stylesheet issue and not a FOP
issue, because in the .fo file I can find elements like this:

<fox:label>Part&#xA0;Part I.&#xA0;title of part</fox:label>
<fox:label>Part&#xA0;Part II.&#xA0;title of part</fox:label>
<fox:label>Part&#xA0;Part III.&#xA0;title of part</fox:label>
<fox:label>Part&#xA0;Part IV.&#xA0;title of part</fox:label>

And like this::

<fo:block xmlns:axf="http://www.antennahouse.com/names/XSL/Extensions";
keep-with-next.within-column="always" hyphenate="false">Part&#xA0;Part
I.&#xA0;title of part</fo:block>

So my question is whether I should consider this a bug and file a bug
report, or whether it's intentional behavior that I'm misunderstanding?

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