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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Docbook XSL 1.68.1 - bug in FO stylesheet - programlistingco spills into footnote area

Alan Ezust <alan.ezust@gmail.com> writes:

> it seems that when a programlistingco is too big to fit on a page, the text 
> of it spills over into the footnote area (if there is one).
> Here is a sample generated with docbook/xsl 1.68.1, xsltproc and fop.

Your description made me think that you had a huge program listing
that wouldn't fit on a single page. But from looking at your PDF
file, I see it's actually a normal-sized program listing that
happens to start about 2/3rds of the way down the page.

Anyway, this is definitely a bug. But it is maybe (probably) a bug
in FOP, not necessarily a bug in the stylesheets.  The only way to
tell for sure is to run it through another XSL-FO engine and see
if you get the same result.

If you send me your source, I can try that. Or if you want to try
it yourself, you can download a free "personal edition" of XEP:


XEP is a vastly better XSL-FO engine than FOP. If you run your
source through XEP and get the same results, than the cause is
almost certainly a problem in the DocBook stylesheets.

By the way, there is something buggy about your PDF file itself.
On my Linux box, I couldn't open it at all with either acroread
(Adobe Acrobat Reader) or xpdf, though I could manage to view it
with gs (Ghostscript). 



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