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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Frame to Docbook XML

Hi Bob, this is an interesting idea, but I thought this was impossible 
to automate using FrameMaker alone. My questions below.

>which is installed under your FrameMaker 7 directory.  You have to create
>conversion tables to map your FrameMaker styles to DocBook elements and
>attributes.  Once you create the conversion tables, you apply them to as
>many files as you have that use those FrameMaker styles.  Then you can use
>the FrameMaker DocBook XML application to save as DocBook XML.
 From my very modest experiments with FrameMaker XML, the output 
generated by FrameMaker is "flat". Ie., you can get something along the 
lines of:

  title text

  para text

  para text

  title text


Stylesheets will have difficulty converting this to a 
hierarchical-ownership structure. The hard part is created correct child 
sections, and re-inserting figures or tables that are "owned" by 
paragraphs, and so on. As far as I know, using FrameMaker's conversion 
tables to map "Heading2" to "title" will not give FrameMaker enough 
information to  create a level-2 <section> under the current level-1 
<section>, rather than ending the current level-1 <section> and starting 
a new level-1 <section>.

This is why I suggest using WebWorks Publisher macros, if available, to 
"remember" the current position in the document to output the correct 
DocBook structure.

However, I trust your advice, so I might be missing something. Is the 
"FrameMaker DocBook XML application", really made to handle the above 


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