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Subject: Re: SGML to XML: Should I switch? How to switch?

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

>> Second, how would the command lines look like? 
>   The same command line should work

Unfortunately, "sgmltools" (sgmltools-lite) does not work :(
Finally, after several trying and erroring, I managed to produce
my first XML article by using Debian/Ubuntu 5.04.


* How to switch from "USletter" paper size to "A4"?
* Are there any other ways/utilities which has been
  *SUCCESFULLY* tested with Debian/Ubuntu? Please also
  specify the version/release that has been used.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.3//EN"

<article><articleinfo><title>The Article Title</title>
<para>Blah Blah Blah using XML.</para>
  <para>Blah blah blah paragraph.</para>
    <para>More blah blah blah.</para></section>
  <section><title>Another Sub-section</title>
    <para>More blah blah blah.</para></section></section>
  <para>The last paragraph.</para></section></article>
The commands were:
% xsltproc -o test.html \
    /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/html/docbook.xsl \
% xsltproc -o test.fo   \
    /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/fo/docbook.xsl   \
% pdfxmltex test.fo



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