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Subject: Controlling header color from the Makefile


How would I go about to control an attribute in a attribute set from the 
command line? Is it possible to use stringparam for that purpose?

What I really want to accomplish is to graphically distinguish internal 
documents from non-internals, e.g. by having different colors in the header 
and footer, and control that from the command line with some kind of string 
param "internal.doc". If that stringparam is set, I would like to have one 
set of attributes, if not set another. I am not allowed to simply have a 
xsl:if on the top level of the file, obviously... Something like the draft 
mode, controlling possibly many different things, but primarilly the 
header/footer color currently.

I could split the driver file in two which include the main parts, and from 
the command line select which file to use, but is there anyhting better?


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