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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: SGML to XML: Should I switch? How to switch?

Some replies to your questions:

>Sadly to say, I have to stuck with "SGML" because until now;
>I still can not create a good PDF file with Ubuntu/Debian's
>"out of the box" tools (i.e. with no hacking/patching).
Hmmm, if you use SGML, creating pdf with OpenJade is quite easy. I do it 
everyday. You just have to apt-get the adequate packages (openjade, 
opensp, docbook-dsssl-stylesheets).

But listen, you don't have to stay with SGML just for generating PDF. 
You can use openjade tool with XML and generate PDF. It is wrong, as I 
think I have read, that openjade is only for SGML.

>It seems that the "XSL/FO path" is better maintained; but it is 
>recommended not for non-tech fellows (like myself).
>Whereas the "DSSSL/jade/jadetex path" is more mature;
>but "not so" maintained anymore (?)
It is false that openjade is not maintained anymore. I am myself developing openjade, and I plan to remove the jadetex tool in a near future making openjade output pure tex. If I can, I will do it during august. And expect more updates to come next year.

><Last try.../>
>Can anyone tell me exactly, what parameters should I
>use with jade/jadetex, to make "test.pdf" from "test.xml" ?
In Debian you have some directory with a lot of help about this. Try 
this file in your debian box:


I hope it helps.


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