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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Two-side headers and footers and starting chapter on right-hand page

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Lisa Hallingström 
> I use the DocBook sgml markup, Norm Walsh's DSSSL and OpenJade 1.3. My
> problem is that I try to produce a PDF for printing, where I want the
> headers and footers to be differently aligned on right-hand 
> and left-hand
> pages. The two-side parameter in the print/dbparam.dsl file 
> looks good for
> this. The problem is that it doesn't make any difference 
> whether I set it
> to #t or #f - either setting produces a PDF where all page 
> numbers are in
> the bottom right corner of the page.

Setting the two-side parameter to #t works fine for me with both SGML and
XML sources (Win XP, OpenJade 1.3.1, DocBook DSSSL 1.79). Maybe someone can
help if you provide more details about your environment, other
customizations (if any), command line settings etc.

> I would also be very interested in knowing how to make each 
> new chapter start on a right-hand side.

One would expect this to be possible. This old thread from the DSSSL list
was the most relevant piece of information I could find:


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