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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XIncludes, olinks and the xref database

Hi Bob,

thanks for your quick reply.

> I didn't mean that chapters in a book should each have their own data file.
> Can you point to where I suggested that?  The separate data files were for
> separate books when external xrefs were being used.  If I implied it for
> chapters, I need to clarify that. Your solution to create one data file for
> the book with resolved XIncludes was the right one.

Hmm. Seems like I misunderstood that part. There is a section about "How to 
link between documents" but nothing about "How to link within modular 
documents". So I thought that was the only way to handle that. When I read 
"Modular cross referencing" in Chapter 22 I didn't know anything about olinks 
and target databases. So didn't really understand what you were talking 

> The second problem is not quite clear to me.  Are you reusing the same
> chapter files in multiple books, with each book having different
> combinations of chapters?


> And in some cases you want the olinks to resolve 
> to the internal target and in other cases to resolve to another book?

Yes. Depending if the target is within the same book or not. If you have HTML 
external links aren't such a problem. But there is a big difference between 
internal/external for pdf.

An Example:

Chapter A, contains a olink to somewhere in Chapter B
Chapter B, contains a olink to somewhere in Chapter C
Chapter C, contains a olink to somewhere in Chapter A

Book 1 contains Chapter A + B

Link A -> B should be internal
Link B -> C should be external

Book 2 contains Chapter A + C

Link A -> B should be external
Link C -> A should be internal

I don't care to recreate target.dbs every time or have a different olinkdb.xml 
for each book. But I don't want to change the olinks in the chapters for each 

Do you have an idea how to solve this?

Kind regards,


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