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Subject: FYI: eDE: DocBook Environment (Testing Report)


Until now, I "CAN'T" set up a DocBook system for Ubuntu GNU/Linux
(w/ main&restricted). Then, I have tried a Voldemort's (You Know What :)
based system: eDE (DocBook Environment). This following is my report.

DocBook Environment (eDE)
URL:  http://www.e-novative.info/software/ede/ede_download.php
File: setup_eDE_1.3.0.exe (ca. 24 MB)

Unpacking this package was straightforward, the files went into the
"c:\docbook" directory. Inside, there are several directories like:
- "bat"        (batch files)
- "output"     (for output products)
- "repository" (for working XML files)

By running these following in "Command mode":
C> docbook_create article test1
C> docbook_pdf  test1
C> docbook_html test1
You will generate a "C:\docbook\repository\test1" working
directory, with a "test1.xml" article template, as well as 
producing "HTML" and "PDF" output.

Fixing [Error #1]: "Error in margin-left property value=0"
The standard eDE comes with few bugs. To fix Error #1, you
need to replace in "C:\docbook\stylesheets\e-novative.xsl":
   <xsl:param name="title.margin.left">0in</xsl:param>
(Replace "0" to "0in").

Fixing [Error #2]: "region-name `xsl-footnote-separator` ..."
You need to upgrade FOP from version 0.20.5rc to 0.20.5.
I have no idea the proper way to update that. I downloaded
the recent FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) (0.20.5):
   URL:  http://xml.apache.org/fop/
   File: fop-20.5-bin.zip (6.2 MB)
After unpacking the zip file, I just force-copy the new fop
files into the "C:\docbook\fop" directory.

Fixing the "PNG" format problem
You need to download JIMI Software Development Kit from
   URL:  http://java.sun.com/products/jimi/
   File: jimi1_0.zip (3.7 MB)
Unzip that file, and copy to "C:\docbook\fop\lib"
the "Jimmi\examples\AppletDemo\JimmiProClasses.jar" file.

Then, edit "C:\docbook\fop\fop.bat" and add another LOCALCLASSPATH

Fixing an Ex-DocBook-SGML Book
I am currently converting a 500 pages Book from SGML
to XML. This is a litle bit painful, since the previous
sgmltools misses many syntax errors. I am still working
on that!

New Problems
Since using <book lang="id">, I am receiving many 
  [Error] Couldn't hyphenation tree for language id
  [Error] Error building hyphenation tree for language id
I can "Google" this problem, however still can not figure
out how exactly to fix that problem.


Those who can, use "GNU/Linux"
Those who can't, use "You Know What"
Those who neither, use "Office!" :)

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