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Subject: Table of Contents formatting

Software : DocBook 4.4CR2, XSL 1.67.2, FOP 0.20.5, and Saxon 6.5.3

I would like my table of contents to render font in italics in PDF and 
HTML output, when specified by the <section2><title> shown below,

   <title>This is plain, but <emphasis><ulink 
url="http://www.google.com"; role="_blank">Google</ulink></emphasis> 
should be italics</title>
             <para>This is the first paragraph of this section ....

On the main table of contents for the <article>, currently Google is a 
link, but is not rendered in italics.  (The italics are correctly shown 
in the body of the article however, just not on the table of contents)

Cheers,        Tristan
Tristan J. Fiedler
Postdoctoral Fellow - Stein Lab
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

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