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Subject: Saxon and relative paths

I am trying to switch from xsltproc to saxon and I have found a strange 
behavior I cannot explain.

The source file is: source_dir/source.xml
The stylesheet is: ../../styles_dir/stylesheet.xsl
The output should be: ../../output_dir/output.fo

The problem is saxon searches the included xsl stylesheets (relatively 
reffered in the master stylesheet file) in the directory 'source_dir/', 
thus relatively to the current path, and not in '../../styles_dir/'. Why 
does it not follow the base path of the stylesheets and seach them in the 
proper directory (as xsltproc used to do)?

Linux Technical Writer
Data Security Division
e-mail: cstroie@bitdefender.com
tel: (+402) 1 233 07 80
fax: (+402) 1 233 07 63
gsm: (+40) 722 46 23 79
Bucharest, ROMANIA

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