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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Saxon and relative paths

>>>>> "Costin" == Costin Stroie <cstroie@bitdefender.com> writes:

    Costin> I am trying to switch from xsltproc to saxon and I have
    Costin> found a strange behavior I cannot explain.

    Costin> The source file is: source_dir/source.xml The stylesheet
    Costin> is: ../../styles_dir/stylesheet.xsl The output should be:
    Costin> ../../output_dir/output.fo

    Costin> The problem is saxon searches the included xsl stylesheets
    Costin> (relatively reffered in the master stylesheet file) in the
    Costin> directory 'source_dir/', thus relatively to the current
    Costin> path, and not in '../../styles_dir/'. Why does it not
    Costin> follow the base path of the stylesheets and seach them in
    Costin> the proper directory (as xsltproc used to do)?

This may be a silly suggestion, but, are you aware that the saxon
command line names the source file BEFORE the stylesheet, whereas
xsltproc names the stylesheet first?
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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