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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] FYI: eDE: DocBook Environment (Testing Report)

Finally, I am going to switch from SGML to XML. Thanks, ALL of  you  for
all the hints that I have received from the list!

Bob Stayton wrote:

>> (a) The book does not start at page 1 (but continues the preface pages). 
> The first chapter after a preface should restart the page numbering at 1.
> What element do you have after the preface?

Somehow it does not work if "double.sided" is not enabled.
The document elements are just like the following:
   <preface>...</preface><part><title>...</title><partinfo> ...

>> (b) I do not know how to generate the index.
> The XSL stylesheets automatically create an index when there is an
> empty index element in your document (and the
> $generate.index parameter is not set to zero).

It works, but somehow the pdf indexes are not "click-able".

>> (c) No revision page in the books
> Do you mean the revhistory?

Yes! This was the hardest part. It is not so obvious to understand
what "file is processed" means. You might want to consider for
adding more links to the "Generate custom XSL templates" page.


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