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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] customizing olink.doctitle gentext

> That will require customizing the template with match="olink" from either
> fo/xref.xsl or html/xref.xsl.  That template uses other templates to
> generate the pieces and then assembles them.  You just need to rearrange
> the order in which they are assembled.

Thanks Bob, that did it.

May I express a feature request for making this customization (and page 
citation too) easier: 

Implement a master gentext template controlling the citation. 
Like this:

<l:template name="citation.with.docname" text="%l(%h)%d"/>
<l:template name="citation.with.pageno" text="%l(%h)%p"/>
<l:template name="citation.with.pageno.and.docname" text="%l(%h)%d%p"/>

%l: link
%h: hottext
%d: olink.document.citation
%p: olink.page.citation

I can imagine that this feature would be helpful in implementing the grammar 
or common use in some foreign language too.

Kind regards,


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