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Subject: Docbook-Website Side Float Support

Reviewing Bob Stayton's book the following statement: "Side floats only work 
with those XSL-FO processors that support them." brings the following 
question? Does Saxon or Xalan support side-floats for HTML transformations?

Can't get side floats via figure or informalfigure to work:

<para>This is this line one <informalfigure float="1" floatstyle="right">
                  <imagedata fileref="figures/foo.jpg" format="JPG"/>
         </informalfigure>This is line two.</para>

The aforementioned code fragment produces a traditional vertical left-aligned 

Utilizing Docbook-Website-2.6.0 (dtd and xsl), Docbook-dtd-4.5b1, saxon-6.5.3 
and 6.5.4, jdk-1.5_04, Kubuntu-5.04 and oXygen-6.1


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