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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XML editor

Why not use MS Word as the front-end editor to your DocBook authoring system?

Bob Stayton and I have been working on a series of XSL stylesheets that allow roundtripping of DocBook documents through Word (or Apple's Pages).  That is, a stylesheet transforms a DocBook document into WordML (the XML format for MS Word 2003), and then another set of stylesheets transforms WordML back into DocBook.

These transformations can be done without loss of information, but only for a limited subset of DocBook (even more limited than Simplified DocBook).  However, for simple documents I believe this is sufficient for many authors.

I'm planning on these stylesheets shipping with the next DocBook XSL stylesheet distribution.  My company is also working on applications and tools to support use of these stylesheets, such as producing HTML and PDF from freshly-authored DocBook - contact me for further details if you're interested.

Steve Ball


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On 30/09/2005, at 1:43 AM, tom.kirkpatrick@virusbtn.com wrote:

I too am on the look out for a Docbook editor. My requirement is that our editors - who know nothing of Docbook, need to be able to create and edit Docbook documents as if they were typing a word document... ie. easily... really easy

Tom Kirkpatrick
Web Developer - Virus Bulletin

On 30/09/2005, Nicola de Candussio <ndecandu@rssd.esa.int> wrote:
Hi all,

I am looking around for a XML editor able to provide some docbook oriented features (such as the html or pdf creation ), the editor should be oriented more to authors then developers.

Could you suggest me any good editor ?



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