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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Tool to query dtd/schema for valid element children|attributes[SOLVED]

Hi Michael,

Michael Smith wrote:

>>I'm looking for a tool that will enable me to query the docbook dtd -- 
>>given a particular element, I want to get lists of its valid children 
>>and attributes.  Ideally it could also provide information about an 
>>attribute's content type.
>Have you tried Earl Hood's perlSGML (SGML::DTD Perl module)?

No, I haven't.  It's an excellent tool, but I need one that can query in 
"command-line" mode rather than shell mode.

>I've never tried any of those, but perhaps like perlSGML they
>might work better with a flattened version of the DTD.

Your diagnosis is spot on.  Not being an XML expert I'm embarrassed to 
admit I wasn't aware of the flattened versions available for download.  
I've just tried XML::ParseDTD on a flattened version and it worked 
perfectly.  This module appears to be the solution to my problem.

Thanks for the tip.  I have one last question: Is there a simple way to 
produce a flattened DTD from a modular one using commonly available tools?


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