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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Tool to query dtd/schema for valid element children|attributes [SOLVED]

David Nebauer <davidnebauer@switch.com.au> writes:

> Michael Smith wrote:
> >Actually, they weren't available until yesterday. I put them there
> >after reading your message. Realizing that there seem to be a good
> >number of tools out there that have problems processing the
> >modular ones made me think it'd probably be worthwhile to have
> >flattened copies available online.
> Thanks, Mike.  Will they be available at this location permanently?

Yeah, unless I or somebody else on the project forgets why they
are there and deletes them. Or as long as nobody decides it's a
bad idea to have them there, and asks me to remove them. (The
official DTDs are really supposed to be made available online only
by the DocBook TC (in fact, OASIS has some rule about it).


Michael Smith


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