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Subject: FYI - anonymous CVS sync delay

Some while back, we had a ancillary discussion here related to a
file I had checked into the DocBook project CVS but that somebody
couldn't yet retrieve using anonymous CVS to the SourceForge CVS
server. I mentioned at the time that there had to be some kind of
latency in the SF anonymous CVS repository getting updated. I
couldn't prove it then, but I can now :-)

While poking around the SF site docs looking for something else, I
came across the following:


  SourceForge.net maintains two pools of CVS servers; one for
  developer CVS access and one for all other CVS services. Data is
  synchronized between the developer server pool and the other
  server pool periodically. Currently, there is a delay of at most
  5 hours between the developer and anonymous CVS server pools.
  CVS infrastructure work is pending to mitigate this delay.

So, mystery solved. But 5 hours is a long time. Why they do that?
Who knows. I would guess maybe the basic idea is to keep the
developer CVS repository secure from malicious hackers. But it'd
be nice if the delay weren't quite so long. I suspect that in
spite of what that doc says, it is actually longer than 5 hours.


Michael Smith


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