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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Problem: fop && docbook-xsl on debian sarge

Matthias Mosimann <matthias_mosimann@gmx.net> writes:

> Yeah it run's now. :-) ... but there are some other problems like 
> missing jimi and jai support. But I think I can manage theses errors 
> reading the faq on the fop webside.

Actually, I don't think that FAQ is going to do you much good if
you're running the Debian-ized version of FOP. But if you're
willing to install the fop package from testing instead of from
stable, see the /usr/share/doc/fop/README.Debian file for that
(pasted in below).

To get JIMI working, you'll need to download the JIMI SDK zip file
from Sun's website (URL below), and then do the following:

  unzip jimi1_0.zip && \
  sudo cp ./Jimi/JimiProClasses.zip /usr/share/java/jimi-1.0.jar

After doing that, run fop on an FO file, and you shouldn't get any
more errors about JIMI.

About JAI, it looks like Arnaud also tried to build it with JAI
support, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't actually yet work
correctly with JAI, even if you have the JAI shared library and
jar files installed in the expected places.

Anyway, it doesn't matter, because JIMI does work, and it falls
back to using that if it can't find a working JAI installation on
your system.


/usr/share/doc/fop/README.Debian file for fop 1:0.20.5-8 :


  You can set the environment variable JAVA_OPTS with options that
  are passed to the java interpreter.

  fop is built with Jimi support

  This version of FOP is built with Jimi support to allow fop to 
  work with images in your documents.

  As fop is part of the contrib stream of Debian, we can build it 
  for distribution with libraries that are not in the Debian 
  system.  In this particular case, that is what I did with fop by 
  compiling it with support for jimi.  You will however need to 
  download jimi from the Sub web site:


  You will need to agree to Sun's licensing terms in order to be 
  shown a link to a file to download.  At the time this was 
  written, the jimi support was present as both a Zip archive and 
  as "compressed" tar archive.  You will either need Zip tools, or 
  uncompress and tar to work with this archive. 

  The name of the file to download is something like:

  jimi1_0.zip   (or jimi1_0.tar.Z)

  Inside that archive is a single jar (java archive, which is a 
  special kind of zip file) of the name JimiProClasses.zip that you 
  will need to extract.  Put a copy of that jar (zip file) 
  under /usr/share/java with the name jimi-1.0.jar if you want fop 
  to work normally with images on Debian.  

  If you don't want to put a copy of this jar file 
  under /usr/share/java/, you can either put a symlink to the real 
  location of the jar file under /usr/share/java (with the name 
  jimi-1.0.jar), or you can edit the /usr/bin/fop shell script for 
  how you would rather have things work.

  fop is built with JAI support

  Download JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) at Sun:

  And install the jar files in /usr/share/java (or set your CLASSPATH) and
  the .so somewhere in the library path /usr/local/lib or /usr/lib.

  There is no release of the shared lib for GNU/Linux Powerpc so I cannot
  test if it actually works. I just can say I did compile it with jai

  Thanks for feedbacks.

   -- Arnaud Vandyck <avdyk@debian.org>, Fri Oct 14 10:19:42 2005

Michael Smith


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