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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Illegal Unit of Measure With xmlto Going to PDF

At 12:55 PM -0800 12/4/05, Harry Goldschmitt wrote:
>A colleague created some screen shots using an unknown program that 
>apparently has created .png files with only point measurements.  I 
>am trying to get these into a PDF document using xmlto.  PDFTex 
>complains about illegal unit of measure refering to points and dies. 
>I have tried to convert these files to include cm measures, both 
>with ImageMagick convert and import, as well as Mac OS X Graphic 
>Convertor.  No luck.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I have spent many hours on this problem and have come up with a work 
around using openJade.

As far as I can tell the bad images were created with snapshot 
(ksnapshot?) on Linux.  The only difference between the "good" and 
"bad" pngs is that the ones have bounding boxes with 0,0 origins and 
the bad ones don't.  I have tracked the problems to passiveTeX where 
it has been reported since 2000.  However when I use xmlto fo, fop 
also has a problem with the pngs.

Can anyone confirm my analysis.


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