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Subject: How to create feedback link on HTML page


I would like to solve something but I am not a XSLT expert.

Imagine a HTML document where in there are 'feedback' links after
every paragraph, section title, list item, tables and figures. By
clicking on that link the default mail client appears (so it is MAILTO
link) and the TO and SUBJECT fields are filled. The TO is constant but
the SUBJECT should be something like
 'Sect 1.2.3 paragraph 32' which means the 32. paragraph in section 1.2.3.

First I wanted to 'feedbacking' the PARA tags only. I have found where
to put the text fragment but I do not know what to put there.

I hope that this is not a unique idea so someone might have the solution.
Example: Bruce Eckel -- Thinking in Java (HTML version).

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