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Subject: Problems in current snapshot with images and xincludes

Hello again.

It will be difficult to explain. This is a part of my framework structure:

'/home/work/doc_framework/' is the main directory, containing, among 
others, the directories 'docs/' (where the sources reside) and 
'output-dir/' (where the output pdf is created).

Inside 'docs/' there are a file and a directory with the following 

1. 'docs/xml/body/usage/integration.xml' - a xml source, included through 
xincludes by the 'usage.xml' file from the parent 'body/' directory, which 
is included by the root xml file from the 'docs/' directory.

2. 'docs/xml/body/usage/integration/' - a directory containing the file 

In 'integration.xml' there is this syntax:

       <imagedata fileref="integration/desktop.konqueror.png"/>

Using some previous docbook-xsl files (1.69.0), the image's absolute path 
is considered this one (a long line, sorry). The current directory is 
'output-dir/'. The paths are reported by xep.


The '_IMG_/' part is inserted for me by 'img.src.path' parameter, to act 
as a delimiter between the current directory and the image path. Consider 
it absent, to get the real path.

Now, using the current snapshot, the error is really ugly.


What the 'file:///home/work/doc_framework/output-dir/' part, from the 
middle of the line, is doing here?

If I fake an absolute URI in the imagedata tag, by adding a '/' before the 
path ('/integration/desktop.konqueror.png'), I get this line:


Now, it would seem ok. But the double '//' between 'usage' and 
'integration' is caused by my '/' beeing added before the image path. The 
question is why the '_IMG_/' part appears, since the path starts with a 

I am very sorry for not providing more information and a possible 
solution. I really do not understand where the 'fileref' attribute is 
processed and why the 'file:///' appears.

Linux Technical Writer
Data Security Division
e-mail: cstroie@bitdefender.com
tel: (+402) 1 233 07 80
fax: (+402) 1 233 07 63
gsm: (+40) 722 46 23 79
Bucharest, ROMANIA
secure your every bit

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