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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] <phrase> attribute

Yes.  It is like a compiler hint.  You can ignore it for your purposes.

I am planning to use it, for example, to dynamically generate custom 
documents on my website.

- An XSLT queries the XML file and finds all unique values for the role 

- It creates a form which provides a row of checkboxes for the user to 
select one or more role values

- When the user presses the "go" button, a document is dynamically 
generated which includes only those sections whose role attribute 
matches one of those selected, or which has no role attribute.


Daniel Carrera wrote:

> Hmm... so 'role' can mean anything at all then?
> I am writing an XSLT to turn Docbook into OpenDocument. I guess I have 
> to just ignore the role attribute, right?
> Cheers,
> Daniel.
> Craeg Strong wrote:
>> role is a generic attribute that is available on nearly every docbook 
>> element.
>> It's use is largely application-defined.  Whomever authored that test 
>> file either provided
>> a custom DTD that lists the valid attribute values or they did not.
>> see: http://docbook.org/tdg/en/html/pe-role.html
>> hope this helps,

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