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Subject: multilingual websites with docbook website


after I have been trying lots of things, this is how I did (and it 
clearly shows the difficulties):

I use two TOCs in my layout.xml. In both, I have a link pointing to the 
other language, e.g. href="./index.html.en" (if that page does not 
exist, I get a 404 of course). For every page I use a directory, 
holding all the different language html files and the data (images 
etc). The html files are mime-coding named (so multiview in apache will 
serve the right page as default).

This does not work with the Makefile coming as an example with website 
(2.6), as the target there relies on .html-file-extensions. So, as a 
workaround, I copied the html target, creating one target per languae 
(using %.html.en instead of %.html in the above example). Than I use 
the stylesheet-parameter l10n.gentext.default.language and set it to 
the language code.

I think, we need two things to make this at least a bit more 
comfortable. First, setting the language per TOC instead of stylesheet 
parameter would be nice. One might move the configuration options from 
the layout entity into the toc. Than, the Makefile should not rely on 
.html endings. Not only mime-types can produce other names, there are 
also some platforms using .htm (yes, it IS ugly).

Comments? CU Lars.


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